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Best of the Fest, Edinburgh International Film Festival
Audience Award: Best Documentary, Vancouver Int'l Film Festival

Audience Award: Best Documentary, The Hamptons Int'l Film Festival
Best Cinematography, Woods Hole Film Festival

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
Mill Valley International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Denver Starz Film Festival
...and many more


DESERT RUNNERS is an intimate, character-driven story that follows a diverse cast of non-professional runners as they attempt to complete the most difficult desert ultramarathon series on Earth. Their intense journey takes them to the driest, windiest, hottest and coldest deserts in the world: the Atacama in Chile, the Gobi in China, the Sahara in Egypt and finally, Antarctica.  The film explores all of the drama and emotion of this unique, year-long adventure: passion and challenge, excitement and risk, competition and camaraderie, heartbreak and triumph. Along the way, the runners face the thrill of danger, the agony of physical pain and mental defeat, and the emotional victory of crossing the finish line, forever changed from the inside out.