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The intimate, laugh-out-loud story of beloved sisters Gramma

and Ginga who, at ages 104 and 99, accidentally became the world's oldest internet superstars.

Best Non-Fiction, Short. Sweet. Film Fest

Audience Award, Indy Film Festival

Nominee, Best Short, Doc Edge Film Festival


Newport Beach Film Festival
Newburyport Documentary Film Festival
Doxa Film Festival
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival
San Francisco Doc Fest

Smoky Mountain Film Festival


Genevieve “Gramma” Musci and her sister Arlena “Ginga” Bashnett never expected to be famous.  Five years ago, when Gramma was 101 years old and “baby sister“ Ginga was 96, these

unique, feisty sisters were living a simple life, having never moved beyond a 3-block radius in the small West Virginia town where they were born.

But in 2015, everything changed. Gramma's grandkids, Frank Allen and Sheila Lynn, began taking videos of the elderly sisters when they argued (which was all the time). Frank and Sheila started posting videos of "The Girls" on social media and the next thing everyone knew, Gramma and Ginga went viral. Something about their "tell it like it is" personalities and their incessant-yet-loving cursing and bickering with each other struck a chord with people everywhere... and the internet exploded.  Today, The Girls have over 1.4 million followers on Facebook, over 40 million views on YouTube,  and devoted fans from countries all over the world.

“Gramma and Ginga: The Movie” is an intimate portrait of these two lovable centenarians, chronicling Gramma and Ginga’s unexpected rise to fame and inviting viewers back to their hometown, where they reminisce and share stories about the past hundred years— the good, the bad, and the laugh-out-loud hilarious.  A compassionate meditation on the complexities of aging, the film offers a unique view of the world as seen through the eyes of two special sisters who have witnessed an entire century of change go by.

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