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In November of 2016, a young, hijab-wearing mother-of-three named Ilhan Omar made history, becoming the first Somali Muslim woman to be elected to state office in America. An inspiring, stereotype-busting portrait of a rising political star as she begins a bold and powerful political career.


An intimate, character-driven story that follows a diverse group of non-professional runners as they attempt to complete the most difficult desert ultramarathon series on Earth.


A feature documentary film about the life and legacy of the world-famous "Queen of Percussion," Sheila E.

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In the 1980s and 90s, a beloved high school teacher required students in her class to write a letter to themselves, marked to be sent any time in the future. For the last 42 years, she has been mailing these letters out to now-adults from their teenage selves and after more than 10,000 letters mailed, she is down to the last three letters.


The laugh-out-loud story of internationally beloved sisters Gramma and Ginga who, at ages 104 and 99, accidentally became the world's oldest internet superstars.


When six women from the U.S., all of whom have experienced a devastating loss, travel together to South Africa, they find an opportunity to experience their pain as a part of a community, and to find healing through service to others.

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