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a short fiction film, now on the festival circuit

An unexpected encounter at a motel swimming pool may hold the key to redemption for a young runaway mother and a free spirited older woman, both of whom have a shockingly similar secret. 

Directed by Jennifer Steinman Sternin

Written by Jennifer Steinman Sternin & Erin Essenmacher

Produced by Erin Essenmacher & Liz McBee

Starring Susannah Rogers & Ella Dershowitz

Cinematography by Favienne Howsepian

Edited by Jennifer Steinman Sternin

Original Music by Malcolm Payne

Best Female Filmmaker, Berlin Art Film Festival

Best Female Director, Hollywood Discovery Awards

Best Short Film, Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin

Best Female Director, Detroit Independent Film Festival


HollyShorts Film Festival

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Hollywood Shortsfest

New York No Limits Film Series

Indie Short Film Series

Marina Del Rey Film Festival

Malibu Film Festival

LA Independent Women Film Awards

Dallas Shorts Fest

New York Int'l Women Festival

Nevada Womens Film Festival

Women Deliver Arts Festival

Toronto Int'l Women Film Festival

Venezia Shorts Italy

deadCenter Film Festival

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